Sonntag , 4 Dezember 2022
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Patche für diese Woche

This Wednesday:
– Carryable and Hawk-Style Throwable Dimorphodon (attacks whomever you throw it at 😉
– Paraceratherium & accompanying Platform Saddle
– & More!

This Thursday:
– Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand begins!

This Friday:
– Swamp and Snow Biomes!
– Beezlebufo
– Direwolf
– Megaloceros
– Fur Gear Set
– Other cool content stuff 🙂

A Little Further Out:
– Creature Breeding & Babies! Yes, they will grow dynamically in real-time!
– Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results)
– DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf
– Specific Representative „on-ground“ meshes for all dropped items
– Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky

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